Sunday, October 31, 2004

Drug traffickers are against marijuana legalization

I've been blogging up a storm in Detroit on the presidential election today so once again, I've neglected you here my dears but I'm convinced that deposing Bush is important to ending this war on some drugs and I figure I still have 24 hours to sway any undecided voters left in middle America.

Meanwhile, I've managed to get through a couple of dozen emails and found my friend Luiz Guanabara in Brazil is doing well and fighting the good fight for our plant. He is the middle of a huge campaign and his site has expanded considerably. You have to read Spanish to truly appreciate it (regrettably mine is still weak) but he is clearly doing well as evidenced by his poster in the graphic.

I knew he had something special from the first moment I sat down next to him on an airplane.

Oops: As Kaptinemo points out in the comment section, they actually speak Portuguese in Brazil but the translation of the banner came straight from Luiz so I know that's right.


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