Thursday, October 21, 2004

Down for the count

I have 620 unread emails and there's a lot of news in there but I've had one too many late nights with these ballgames and I'm done for the day. I'll be back in the a.m. but while I'm still in the sports mode, I leave you with these random musings.

The best story I heard last night at Tully O'Reilly's was from Mike, one of the after work regs. He's an arborist, so we talk about trees a lot. He's a really big guy with a really gentle aspect. I like him.

He was in this odd state of sort of wonderment when I stopped to talk. We were watching the Red Sox win the game, and he told me his brother has four tickets to the fourth game of the world series and he's invited. He kept saying, "St. Louis or Houston, I'll be there in person." He's my age and he's never been to a major league before. Great place to start I thought.

Meanwhile, in the breaking news yet another sports figure is left holding the bag of cannabis.

Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets was issued a summons last Friday at Denver International Airport for possession of a tiny amount of cannabis. Harking back to the days of my youth, his excuse was - it "belonged to a friend".


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