Thursday, October 14, 2004

Change is inevitable

For those of you who scoffed at me when I told you cannabis would be legalized in our lifetime, here's a major report from the Transform Drug Policy Foundation predicting that all street drugs will be legalized by 2020.

According to the article in the UK Mirror, "It states the "prohibition" of cannabis, cocaine and even crack and heroin had proved a disaster," and "world governments would soon recognise the only solution was to legally control the production and supply of narcotics."

I know it sounds a little far out but it makes the usual good points about the cost of failed enforcement policies and public safety benefits. More importantly it was launched at the House of Commons and with the backing of several Labour MPs, calls for a root-and-branch reform of drugs policy.

Labour MP Paul Flynn, of the all-party group on drug misuse, also supports the study, calling it "the first practical drug policy road map".

Needless to say however, the support is not unanimous. There are always naysayers.

The Home Office said: "The Government has no intention of legalising the recreational use of any controlled drug.

Of course they don't but the day may come soon when they don't have a choice. Both on practical and political grounds, the policies will have to change.


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