Thursday, October 28, 2004

Candidates wanted

The Edmonton Sun has an article up today on the Canadian Marijuana Party that is actually pretty positive. It examines the party platform and interviews party leader Dave Dowling, who says"

"Eighty years of prohibition has not worked," he said.
He envisions a system in which the Province of Alberta would set up "a marijuana control board. It would issue the commercial grow licence and package, inspect and distribute the product." The legal sale of pot would free up cops to deal with serious crime, said Dowling.

"Instead of having law enforcement going after teenagers, they could go after real criminals like murderers and corporate polluters."

The author finds little to argue with except for one key problem.

Personally, I don't think Dowling's ideas are all that whacked out. But he's still just blowing smoke until the unlikely day his party rises to power.

Apparently, "the only way it would be recognized as an official party on the Nov. 22 ballot is if it runs candidates in more than 50% of Alberta's 83 ridings. That would mean it would have to come up with 42 candidates."

"We're still looking for more candidates, who can contact us from the website," said Dowling.

If you're a Canadian citizen, it sounds like a good job to me.


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