Sunday, October 17, 2004

Back in action

It's bad enough I barely find time to post here but now Blogger has been glitchy and I haven't been able to get into the program until just now. I only hope this publishes.

Anyway, I'm just back from my second 'this is not a date' with Chet. We went out for a foliage ride in his jeep up into the hilltowns. I used to live out that way myself so it was nice to see the old stomping grounds all dressed up in fall colors and it was cool that he took me to places I had never been. Not an easy task in that terrority. I was astounded for instance to find out there was a road through the floodplain under the Knightville Dam.

We took a look as his house up there and then went to lunch at the only bar in at least three towns - Listons. I hadn't been there in 25 years. Chet said, "They've been sprucing it up." I had to laugh, although they had put new plastic up on a couple of the outside windows. To be fair, they had done quite a bit on the inside including a newly painted purple bathroom that was obviously lovingly decorated with country crafts.

I had a fabulous grilled cheese with perfectly done, freshly cooked bacon and an interesting chat with the truck driver sitting next to me at the bar. Unfortunately, somewhat of a pall was cast over the day when the young cook, who is renting the house from Chet, came out to tell him what the last tenant had done to the place. We went back to the house afterward and made a closer inspection. It wasn't quite as bad as it had initially sounded, although it will still mean a few days of repairs for Chet. Nonetheless, it was a overall a fun ride. He makes a good companion.

I might even meet him at City later to watch a couple innings of the Red Sox game.


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