Thursday, October 28, 2004

All in a dream team

Alright kids, baseball is over and it couldn't have ended on any a higher note than the Red Sox sweeping the world series after an unprecedented come back from a three game deficit in the playoffs. These boys may have made us wait a long time for the win, but they sure delivered it with style.

There was dancing in the streets last night and I may never get the smell of the champagne they sprayed all over us at City Tully's out of my jacket but it was worth the lost sleep to witness this historical event and in a moment of perfect symmetry, I got to bear witness in the company of my dear friend Harry McColgan. Harry is the former mayor of Noho and long time former owner of the bar who took me in so I wouldn't be alone on the one day I've been truly scared in my life - 9/11. I'm glad this was a happier night.

So we're all bleary and still sort of sleepwalking through this living dream in the Red Sox nation today but now that it's done, I'll be back bringing the drug war news to you every day, starting this evening.


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