Thursday, September 23, 2004
Carnival Time

I was sorry to miss the party at Eleven Day Empire but being stuck with filtered library access only this week, I wasn't able to bring up my page to get the permalinks. I really like James' blog over there, he could hardly be called liberal but I find him very sensible which I always think is more important. Check him out and of course be sure to cruise through this week's entries with a very cool Star Wars theme.

The party is here next week and I already have a few RSVPs so it should be a fun time if I ever come up with a cool theme myself. It's a little daunting to come up with something original in the face of all the creativity before me. I'm hoping something will come to me in a dream.

For those who want to join in the fun here please send the customary info, Blog Name, URL, Title of post, permalink if you have them and an excerpt or summary by Tuesday night at 10:00pm. Email either to or to my new account at See you at the party.


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