Saturday, September 18, 2004

Marc Emery Speaks

Marc is still in jail of course and has expressed some dissatisfaction with NDP leader Jack Layton's silence over his imprisonment for sharing a joint. Layton was a beneficiary of Emery's largess in the recent election. Marc stumped for the party, signed up thousands of new members, paid for literature and donated generously to fundraising efforts. In light of Marc's contribution, although fellow NDP member, MP Libby Davies issued what was called a joint statement decrying Marc's plight, Layton's silence is still somewhat deafening.

As I recall, when I still had time to participate in forums, there was a lively discussion going on at Cannabis Culture on whether Marc's Marijuana Party should merge with the NDP at that time. I was one of the few that said they were risking losing their own momentum by casting their lot with Layton without some guarantee of further action on behalf of cannabis issues. I wish I hadn't been right, but Marc not being one to dwell on his losses intends to run a full slate of Marijuana Party candidates in the next go around.

Meanwhile however, Marc's supporters continue to hold daily vigil outside the provincial courthouse in Saskatoon on his behalf. They also staged a very successful rally on September 11 that was well attended despite terrible weather. Word has it there was much smoking of cannabis at the event and no police presence outside of a call made by festival organizers for an investigation into a stolen purse.

Local authorities said they were unaware of the rally, a rather disingenous statement considering the publicity prior to the event. One expects they simply did not want to add fuel to the simmering outrage of thousands of Marc's supporters who are organizing many political actions on his behalf including a mass mailing expected to result in 50,000 "Free Marc Emery" postcards to be delivered to the Justice Minister within the month.

Marc of course has long been a great hero of mine in this movement and we at Last One Speaks are with him and his supporters in spirit and solidarity. Last word to Marc:

"I have been in this jail for 24 days," continued Emery, "and God willing I will be released in 38 more. 62 days of my life stolen from me. And yet it goes on every day in courtrooms across Canada, lives are ruined and stolen because of alcohol-drinking lawyers, cops, judges and politicians.

"They despise our beautiful culture of tolerance, acceptance, unity, brotherhood and wonderment. They hate us for our goodness. We must shine light on their darkness, use truth to counter lies, and love to melt their hate."

"No job will be harder that to liberate Saskatchewan from the the dark grip of backwardness, bigotry and the peverse urge to punish," said Emery. "But we will liberate this province, and we will bring the whole country to the glory of a free nation once and for all, one nation under cannabis!"

Visit the website and show your support today.


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