Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Home again

Damn. Blogger just ate my post so this is the abbreviated version.

I made it back last night but I was pretty disoriented for a few hours. I barely recognize my own computer and I kept looking for the now absent console to shift the car but I'm adjusting. My todo list is daunting which includes putting up the Carnival which I have barely started and answering phone calls. It's very weird to have so many messages. I don't get this many calls when I'm here. It also appears I have something of a new beau. Half the messages were from him.

I was happy to find my garden alive if overgrown and the trees have barely started to turn so I didn't miss any of the fall foliage. I was less happy to find I still have terrible water pressure in the shower, (I'd almost forgotten) and it's dismally grey and cold. I've had to turn on the heat already today.

In any event, be it ever so humble, there's no hovel like home and it's good to be here.


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