Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Happy Anniversary to the COTV

The creator of the Carnival of the Vanities, Sid (aka Bigwig), rightfully hosts for this week's festivities marking the second anniversary of the event. I haven't been around for all that time, I started showing up at this party only a few months ago but I keep coming back because I've grown quite fond of the regs here and it's just too much fun to miss. You never know what entertaining information you'll find on the pot luck table of refreshments here and the democratic nature of the set-up appeals to the civil libertarian in me. As always it's worth the time to stop by and peruse the offerings.

Meanwhile, I'm working myself into a state of panic about my upcoming stint as host two weeks from now. I still have no theme in mind and I'm out of town and away from my own computer until the end of the month. At home I'm known as the hostess with the mostest but who knows how my party will turn out without the drugs and booze.... hey wait a minute drugs and booze there's a theme.... nah, Seldom Sober beat me to that one, guess I'll have to keep thinking.


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