Saturday, September 25, 2004

Carnival of the Vanities

I'm hosting this week and I already have a few RSVPs so it should be a fun time. I finally had an idea for a pretty cool theme if I can make it work. It's a little daunting to come up with something original in the face of all the creativity before me. Oddly enough it did come to me in a dream.

For those who want to join in the festivities please send the customary info, Blog Name, URL, Title of post, permalink if you have them and an excerpt or summary if you like, by Tuesday night at 10:00pm. Email either to or to my new account at See you at the party.

By the way since I just started the Gmail account, I have several invitations to give away, (I'm sure you know you can only get an account by invitation while it's still in beta), so if you want an invite to that let me know.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: For newcomers to the carnival, the content of my blog has nothing to do with the acceptance of your entry. You don't have to take drugs, (I don't use them either by the way) nor do you have to advocate for drug policy reform in order to participate. Everyone is invited, no one is turned away at the door and your post can be about any subject that you like.


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