Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Olympic torch burns cannabis growers

This was kind of bad planning. A police helicopter following the relay route of the Olympic torch that will be delivered to the upcoming Olympic Games in Greece spotted a large cannabis farm. Upon further aerial investigation, more small plots were discovered around the remote villages on the island. Greek police eventually destroyed about 7,000 plants. One would have thought the growers would have taken that into consideration at planting time since the torch's $45 million journey around the world has reportedly had, "all the hallmarks of a presidential tour with security, surveillance, motorcades, cheering crowds and a specially chartered jumbo jet, dubbed Zeus".

Of course this also bodes ill for crowd control at the games since the peaceful cannabis consumers will now be forced to turn to the ubiquitous Ouzo or Retzina for their mood enhancement. Maybe the Greeks should have talked to the police at the soccer tournament in Portugal before they destroyed all that mellowing herb.


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