Tuesday, July 27, 2004

No punishment for the crime

Oh this is irritating. You may remember my posts about Pat Conroy, the assistant principal at South Haven High School who was caught trying to set up a student by planting pot in his locker and then leading a drug dog to it.

Well, Ms. O of South Haven, with whom I had some discourse over the situation, must be happy today since it appears that unethical idiot Conroy is going to get away with it. The court worked very hard to find a technical loophole, but finally found one. The judge dismissed the complaint for possession of a class D drug (he was storing some in his desk drawer) because the search warrant was incorrectly worded.

This is a travesty. Although we realize Conroy suffered some repercussions for this illegal and unethical act by having to leave his employment, it's still a miscarriage of justice. Certainly, the young student whose life Conroy was attempting to ruin will get the message that you can get away with breaking the law if you're a white man in an administrative position of power. I doubt if he will end up with any respect for either authority or the law.


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