Friday, July 16, 2004

I've got WYSIWYG

I'm so disoriented today. I spent five days in a white three story townhouse and didn't see a newspaper or a news broadcast for five days. Hell, I barely even went outside. It was kind of like being in a decompression chamber, or maybe a sensory deprivation tank. I came home to find out that Blogger changed the blogging screen and functions again. I had just got comfortable with using the last update. Now I have to get used to a lot of new jazzy features that will take me forever to figure out. I really wish I was a computer geek.

Meanwhile my template keeps changing and I don't know why. Sometimes the line that closes the right bar disappears. And if any kindhearted technogenius can tell me why I have those white margins that I don't want on the outside of the blog page, please email me.

The Blogger newsletter tells me I should "do the wizzy dance". Trouble is I don't know the steps. At the moment the wizzy is only making me dizzy. Blogging may be slow until I figure out how to negotiate the new screens.


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