Friday, July 30, 2004

How does your garden grow

We're posting about this little bust because it's close to home and it illustrates once again how law enforcement overstates the value of the plants. The 26 plants found in Agawam are not going to be worth $50,000 even if they had all been mature. My guess is since they were so tall they're a Hawaiian sativa strain which is unlikely to even flower properly in the cold summer we had here but even supposing they did bloom, you still don't get that much useable or I should say saleable cannabis from a plant. You can only sell the flower tops. They would be lucky to get a couple of ounces out of that patch. Furthermore, chances are they were just growing it for their own consumption. That small a plot would not be worth the effort nor the risk to an actual dealer.

Let me say this again, the cost of the helicopters, the police hours and the future court appearances will run over $50,000 or more of your tax dollars, all to bust what in practical terms would probably be worth, at the very most, if all the plants had matured, about $2,000.00. More likely it was worth about 600 bucks. Not to mention that two otherwise law-abiding people will not be contributing to the municipal tax base because they will either lose their jobs or at least have to take a lot of time off to defend against this penny-ante bust.

The only criminal here is the criminal waste of your tax dollars spent waging war against a plant.


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