Monday, July 05, 2004

Happy holiday

Blogger is still glitching out, but it appears to be limited to my blog as I see Atrios is loading with no problems. I always suspect when they have server problems, it's the free blogs that get restored last. In any event I'm taking this moment when it seems to be intermittently working, to post a few words.

Last night's party was fabulous as it is every year. There were about a half a dozen different gatherings going on at the marina, but we were the biggest and the live band pretty much provided the entertainment for the whole place. Everyone contributed to the fireworks finale though -- it was 360 degrees of pyrotechnics, but we had the biggest ones and the most so I guess we won. I hope the photos come out. I'll wait to post the details pending their receipt.

I ended up using an instacamera again because as I was on my way to the pharmacy to buy film, I unexpectedly ran across the annual professional bicyclist's race around the courthouse block. In my haste to get photos of the bikes coming round, I forgot to buy film for the regular camera.

Oh, and before I forget to pass this on, Drug Sense has updated its pages with a fresh new look and added functionality. It has all the usual invaluable research features of course but you can now modify the content to suit your needs and they will also be hosting blogs. Check it out.


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