Thursday, July 01, 2004
Idaho will pay rats

The Idaho state police are initiating a campaign to pay people to snitch on their friends and neighbors in the ongoing war against our plant. Their unachievable goal is to eliminate cannabis from the state. Not going to happen, but I'll bet some scummy rat will be willing to roll over for $5,000 on otherwise law abiding citizens.

They use the 5,132 plants seized last year, alleged to be worth about 6 million, as justification for this program. Like cannabis plants are the biggest danger to the public? And again, instead of spending millions to kill weeds, in a legal market, that money could be used for the public good and the 6 mil could be going into the municipal revenue stream.

The cops are trying to make it sound like it's not costing the residents anything.

This program is funded by the DEA, BLM, US Forest Service and of course the state police and other local agencies around the state... so that's where the reward money comes from to pay rewards to people for information,” says Det. Sgt. Gaske.

Hello? These are all taxpayer funded organizations. This is money coming directly out of your pocket and paychecks folks. Now you wouldn't you rather be spending that money on schools and other municipal services? I would.

It's time for the prohibition profiteers to admit this war has failed and start looking for a new line of work.


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