Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Friends, countrymen, lend me your ears...

I finally got around to listening to Air America yesterday and I'm haven't turned it off since. The programming rocks and if you can stream audio, you can listen to it while you're working at your computer. I may never hear Morning Sedition, but the rest of the weekday lineup is peopled with the most astute minds of the literate, and thank God funny, political left. I'm already a die-hard Randi Rhodes fan, not the least because she seems to be holding my old hero Barry Crimmins hostage on her afternoon show.

And speaking of the Big B., Crimmins pledged to do a show every Tuesday at Rocky Sullivan's in New York City until the Bush regime is either voted, hounded or impeached from office. A true bargain in the big city at only a $10 cover. (129 Lexington Ave. at 28-29th Sts., New York, NY 10016. Phone 212-725-3871.)

Sure to be a show worth seeing. I may try to get to one myself. I love Manhattan in the summer.


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