Friday, July 16, 2004
Beachcomber's bounty

Well here's another little way the prohibition not only fails to stop drugs from entering the country but actually increases the danger to the public.

One thousand and four pounds of cocaine have recently been found on Louisiana beaches. An additional 80 pounds washed up in Florida. Authorities speculate that a drug running boat either sank or threw its merchandise overboard out of fear of an imminent bust by the Coast Guard. No arrests have been made.

With the worth of a single pound being reported at $10,000, one might think the chances of unreported finds of the drug run rather high and expects that at this level it would be of a rather pure grade. They usually ship at least by the ton I believe, which would leave 996 916 pounds unaccounted for. And what do you think the odds are that some teenagers out for a jaunt on the family boat won't find at least one of those bricks?


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