Friday, July 23, 2004

Employers report increased meth use among workers

The AP reports that employers have seen positive drug test results for methamphetamine use surge by 68% last year. Although results for marijuana use still account for the majority of positives, those numbers have remained stable in comparison to other years. Thus, one would think the surge in meth users is directly related to the war on some drugs. Since the prohibitionists focused on cannabis consumers, alternative drugs have come into vogue because they are easier to obtain and are also cheaper because of the increased competition on the black market. This theory is also borne out in the spike of postives for other white powder drugs, such as heroin and morphine which rose by 25 percent.

In this same time frame, your government spent 40 billion tax dollars to stop drug use altogether. It's clearly not working. Is there anyone out there who really thinks this money is well spent?


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