Sunday, July 25, 2004

Around the 'hood

It turned out to be a completely gorgeous weekend, it feels more like late spring than late summer, so I've been outside and my template is still a sorry mess, and the rest of my home improvement plans went out the window as well.

I did have a lovely walk yesterday though. The Smith gardens were in that in-between stage and the lighting was off, so I didn't take many photos but I did get all the way to the pond and checked out the new construction. I was most fascinated by the changes to the Art Museum on campus. They enclosed the formerly outdoor cafe but they did it with glass so it still felt appreciably the same. The doors weren't locked so you could still walk through that eerily quiet space and look at the empty tables. It's funny but I've been in that place at odd moments, day and night, over the last decade and a half and I've never seen one person sitting there. I took a photo but that won't be developed for a while since I still haven't managed to buy a digital camera yet. Here's one of my sidewalk community chalkboard though. Nicolai drew this on the one hot day we've had so far.


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