Sunday, July 25, 2004

AP Photo/Nasa, JPL,
Space Science Institute

Small miracles and other stuff

I find it incredible that I've seen an actual photo of Saturn's rings in my lifetime. I remember when a space mission would get 24 hour news coverage and now there are people whose job is to shuttle supplies to a space station where the residents routinely do space walks and it's barely mentioned in the press. How quickly we become jaded. It wasn't that long ago we were racing to be the first on the moon.

In any event, I'm chipping away at my backlog and there's a few items I don't want to let pass without comment. The Detroit Free Press ran a good article on the upcoming medical marijuana initiatives there. They also ran a story on a 55 pound cannabis bust that I bring up because I'm surprised they so overstated the value of the herb. It irritates me when these figures are reported as fact.

That might be the value of the haul if the couple caught with it were to sell it by the gram in the local park but it's more likely they would have made no more than a few hundred dollars on the transaction at best. The authorities inflate the figures to make it sound like an important bust. These two are certainly not kingpin dealers.

Meanwhile if you're young and able to get to Toronto by Friday night, shake out the sequins, put on your dancing shoes and get yourself to Yonge St. for Caribana Friday. It looks like it will be quite a party.


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