Saturday, June 26, 2004

Whole Lotta Love

I came home from work Thursday night and found a big fat love message on my sidewalk from Mark Herschler, the heart of my world in this happy valley. Mark and I shared an apartment for years and I used to love to come home from work and find him playing that very guitar on the back porch. He is the best singer writer I've ever known and I think maybe we've been connected for millenia. It's uncanny, I was thinking of him and the rest of the family the night before. I haven't seen them in months.

He left a flyer for what appeared to be an impromtu gig with his new band, Gross National Project at the place formerly known as the Baystate Hotel. I hadn't stepped across the threshold of the building in three years. Not since the new owners renamed the building. I loved the Baystate and I hated the so called restoration.

The note on the poster said, "Libby, if you can come check out this Rhythm section, we have something fun for you." It sure looked like a fun group. I recognized Peter Kim the bass player but I had no idea who the drummer was so I finally went into Bishop's and had a fabulous time.

It was a real love fest, I saw so many dear friends who I've neglected for far too long. I knew 90 percent of the people in the room. Mark and Molly Bode, Jane and Ed, Janet and Mitch, George and Greg and Evan who work there. Jamie showed up late without his gorgeous wife Maki who is not home from Japan yet but he promised she would be at the annual Fourth of July bash on the boat, which I would have forgotten to show up for if I hadn't seen everyone.

Valley readers, look for this band. The music is great and it's a fun crowd.


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