Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Say what?

It must be the planets. My world has been fraught with communication breakdowns in the last 24 hours. To begin with the Detroit News site is completely off line. I'm a little concerned about my new friends in the Motor City. I hope it's not some disgruntled conservatives waging a DNS attack on account of my posts. (Yeah, I know it's probably just a server meltdown. So sue me, I'm not being self-important, I'm just sort of an alarmist.)

The discussion between my usually even-tempered (though opinionated) cohorts on the newsroom discussion list has devolved into nearly a screaming match about fundamentalist religions and the myth of the liberal press and of course there was the small matter of being omitted from the Carnival this morning.

Not to mention that Yahoo (in response to Google's threat of Gmail) changed my world by upgrading my free account from 4 to 100 megs of storage space. I went from my perpetual red (you about to start bouncing mail) alert to using 4% of my space overnight. Now this is sort of a good thing. I mean I don't have to do mad purges to save space anymore but being a deadline driven person who only really functions well under pressure, this means my email will accumulate for way too long. Very dangerous for a procrastinator like me. This will definitely take some getting used to.

The bright spot in all this however, is that Pete at Drug War Rant is back from New York and posting again and Talk Left seems to be equally unaffected by the current confusion and has put up a long list of great posts in the last couple of days. They both have a lot worth scrolling for up on their blogs. Check them out while I try to instill some order into my personal chaos here.

Oh, and belated congratulations to Jerilyn for Talk Left's second blogiversary which occurred yesterday.


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