Wednesday, June 16, 2004
This is funny - Carnival #91

Snubbed by the COTV? I clearly sent my entry in time. COTV entry Mon 06/14 2k

When I first started submitting to the Carnival I was pretty sure this would happen every week. Then I figured out that there was obviously some rule that requires the host to post all entries, but I didn't take advantage of that. I try to send in my more non-partisan posts rather than offend the right-wing sensibilities of the regs at this party.

Interestingly, although I disagree with her politics, I like Jessica's dry sense of humor. However, I guess that she's probably one of those few people out there that just doesn't like me. Come to think of it, I think she and Ed Brayton are friends.

Speaking of Ed, I see he left a comment on my link to his Carnival post. Sorry for the late reply Ed, my comment section is so underused that I rarely check to see if anyone has actually said anything but whether you say our politics are the same or not, I know the chill of a cold shoulder when I feel it. No hard feelings though. I don't take it personally, even if it is.

Actually I know our politics are not that far apart, I figured it was just a personality clash. And my apologies to John Scalzi for getting his name wrong. Chalk that up to dyslexia I guess.

Anyway folks, I've resubmitted my entry to Jessica and await with interest to see what she does with it. Details to follow.

Meanwhile, check out the bloggers that got into Jessica's party. It's always interesting.


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