Thursday, June 17, 2004
Mad Dad

Well, you can't really blame this Dad for being angry. He did trust his son to take care of his (no doubt lovingly restored) 69 Ford convertible, and he trusted him to keep his word and not drink and drive. Dad gave him the keys to this cool ride so he could arrive at his prom in style.

The kid really screwed up. He didn't go to the prom. He and his girlfriend got shit-faced drunk, went joyriding down some backwoods roads (no doubt to fool around - hey weren't you a teenager once?) and smashed the car into a tree.

Meanwhile the Dad had put a couple of Phish tickets on his credit card for the kid. The kid was supposed to pay him back out of his paycheck on his summer job. He won't be keeping that job now that he's grounded so Dad decided to recoup his losses by selling the tickets on EBay.

This is where it gets a little weird. The Dad posts the whole sordid story on the auction site. He calls the kid a son-of-a bitch, repeatedly. He figures to make a profit on the commiseration factor I guess, but it didn't quite work out that way. Instead he was bombarded with emails scolding him for calling his wife a bitch and advising that scalping tickets is against the law. He revised the terms and pledged to donate anything over the ticket price to MADD (his wife's choice) and Phish's charitable organization called the Mockingbird Foundation.

He has since closed the auction early and there is no indication what happened with the bidding. Fortunately, Last One Speaks has an inside track at Mockingbird and we hope to deliver the details on how much the auction made for them later.


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