Sunday, June 20, 2004
Stardust gets in your eyes

My communication problems continue unabated. I can't find anything in my archives. My yahoo account is a mess. I can only access email intermittently and while I can publish, I can't link to graphics and I can't view the blog for some reason. Must be a residual effect from the Venus transit thing or maybe it's got something to do with this "Comet Wild 2".

They say it's a completely unexpected celestial object, unlike anything known. It was scanned by NASA's Stardust spacecraft in January and the data analysis has reportedly left astronomers astounded.

The mission also collected thousands of pristine bits of the comet that could yield answers to the origins of this universe. The lab scientists will be receiving comparative data as soon as July 4, 2005 when, "NASA's Deep Impact will slam a probe into comet Tempel 1."

Sounds a little ominous but very cool, doesn't it?


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