Sunday, June 13, 2004
Science Fictions

Oh please spare me these fiction disguised as science articles. Let's see -- they want you to believe that contrary to 5000 years of use, all of a sudden young people are becoming addicted to smoking pot? And citing US Bush-funded figures to boot?

Yeah, these kids are addicted all right. Addicted to laziness and evading responsibility. I've addressed the reasons that the reported numbers of teenage users have increased before. It's our court system that allows a teenager to either take rehab or face the legal consequences for small time busts. Of course they are going to plead dependency to avoid jail. For some kids, it also becomes a convenient catch-all excuse for acting out but that doesn't mean they really couldn't stop.

And although it's certainly possible that depressed and schizophrenic people may have been self-medicating with the herb, the theory that cannabis use is causing psychosis was debunked a long time ago. Shame on the Guardian for publishing bad science as if it were fact. It's precisely this kind of shoddy reporting that causes young people to disbelieve warnings about the drugs that really are dangerous.


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