Friday, June 04, 2004

Let's review

I'll be back blogging regularly on Tuesday but I'm about out of time for the moment so I'm going to leave you with this week's DRC newsletter which is always worth reading in full.

Check out their interview with the Grand Old Man of drug policy reform, Arnold Trebach, a nice tribute to another long time drug policy reformer, the late Sam Dash and their corrupt cop of the week feature. This week they report on Louisiana sheriff's deputies arrested for selling the prescription drug Vicodin and payroll fraud.

I might remind you that the DEA justifies it's insupportable war on pain management doctors on the basis of black market abuse and sales of these legal medications. It seems to us the black market is more driven by this kind of police corruption rather than career criminals or people obtaining the drug by "doctor shopping." You would think the DEA would take note of the repeated instances of arrests within the ranks of law enforcement and start investigating the real illegal purveyors of these drugs and keep their nose out of the legitimate practice of medicine.


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