Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Thunder / Lightning

We're having a wonderful little thunderstorm here in lovely downtown Northampton this evening. Just the right ration of rain to save me from having to lug the watering cans out tomorrow and it turned the sunset into a black and white film of clouds and light. I took some photos with the instacamera that I'm trying to shoot out but I doubt if it captured the magic of the moment. It will be a miracle if I actually caught those great forks of lightning.

There were no colors except for where the roiling green of the trees and the dull red brick of the building across the parking lot was illuminated by a single sodium light and you can just about smell the sea off the river this time of year. For just a moment it felt like I was at the beach.

Now that I'm thinking of leaving it, I realize that this is what I'd miss about New England.


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