Monday, June 21, 2004

Communication Breakdown

Jeeez. Yahoo is still screwed up. I can't even get into the help menu to rag on the support guys this morning. I think I liked it better when I was stressing out about bouncing mail with the 4 meg storage. I mean really, I didn't ask for the upgrade and at the moment, after years of virtually trouble-free use, this does not feel like an improvement. If they don't fix it soon I'll have to start a new account somewhere else. I can't live like this.

Meanwhile, everything else seems to be working again, so before I forget let me say thanks to Jessica's Well for giving me such great placement on last week's updated COTV. I hope to hell it wasn't there the whole time after I did all that whining about being missed in the first round. Not impossible considering my current state of computer confusion. These are the times I really wish I was a technogeek instead of a technodope.

And finally, in an attempt to make amends for my self-absorbed wailing in the last week, I just checked Dispatches from the Culture Wars and let me say Ed Brayton is right, I probably need serious help. The hypochondria takes up enough of my time without adding paranoid delusions into the mix however, not to split hairs but I don't think it's impossible to instinctively dislike a person. Not to mention if the criteria for posting about someone is actually knowing them personally, then we had all better give up blogging. I mean for instance, how many bloggers actually "know" George Bush?

In any event, no one can accuse Ed of "knowing" me (as he clearly does not, since as my friends can attest -- to know me is to love me) but in my own defense, I was trying (and apparently failing) to be amusing. Believe it or not, a lot of people find me uproariously funny but my sense of humor is apparently an acquired taste and my jokes seem to lose a lot in translation without the voice inflections.

Meet at Tully O'Reilly's for a beer any week night at 6:00 though and I promise to make you laugh....


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