Saturday, June 19, 2004
Nol Van Schaik lands in jail

We've spoken before about Nol Van Schaik and his Willie Wortel cannabis coffeeshops. Nol, who evaded arrest in France by literally jumping off a cliff, has been busy for these last fifteen years, what with advocating for sensible drug policy, running the coffeeshops and moving to Spain to become a became a public pot grower. (Information on all his enterprises can be found on his site,

But there's bad news. He's in a Spanish jail awaiting a decision on whether he will be extradited to France to satisfy the outstanding warrant for smuggling hash in 1989. With a Dutch decree prohibiting his extradition, he felt safe enough to travel. However he became a victim of heightened security when some panicked passport person had him arrested on the warrant. Spanish officials are now arguing about what to do with him.

As Nol's friends, family and admirers wait anxiously for the court's decision, long-time business associate Marcel de Worte suggests the best way to show support for Van Schaik is to, "visit Haarlem, Holland and enjoy the super Willie Wortels coffeeshops and the Dutch summer."

Or I guess you could just buy something from the Hempcity Webshop.


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