Friday, June 11, 2004
Can't keep a good woman down

Loretta Nall's marijuana case is back in the news. With her arrest based on an investigation fraught with misconduct, misinformation and manufactured evidence, Loretta is appealing her conviction on two misdemeanor drug charges.

I think she should also file child endangerment charges against the police officers, one of whom was the husband of her 5 year old daughter's schoolteacher, for luring her child into remote areas of the schoolyard and attempting to elicit testimony from her. Believe it or not, a search warrant was issued based on the child's alleged statements. The irony is that if the child had accused the cop of molesting her, the court would most likely have discounted her statements based on her tender age.

We wish Loretta a successful appeal on these bogus charges. Meanwhile she's been in touch with Last One Speaks and sends this link to Part II of her hard-hitting series on prison abuse right here in the US. If you haven't seen Part I yet, we suggest you watch them in order. It's 75 minutes well spent, but once again the material is graphic and will leave you outraged at the inhumane treatment of our own citizens at the hands of private prison guards.


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