Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Pot Politics

Unlike the US where the candidates do their best to avoid taking a stand, cannabis is a real issue in the Canandian parlimentary elections this year. Thanks to the relentless efforts of Marc Emery, this is an issue that just won't go away north of our border.

Ever the pragmatist, Emery is promoting the most electable candidates who have the courage to come out solidly behind sensible cannabis policy, no matter what their party affliation. Thus his organization is supporting NDP candidates in some ridings, while backing Green Party candidates in others.

It appears however, that the rift between the Marijuana Party and Emery's forces continues unabated as Marc is calling on party leader Boris St. Maurice to resign on the basis of ineffective leadership. And all is apparently not rosy in the alliance between the NDP and Emery either as it's reported that NDP Federal Secretary is threatening to sue Marc for promoting the party's pro-pot position without their express permission.

We'll be watching with interest to see if the NDP keeps its word to reform current Canandian policy on our plant and if Emery can deliver the votes to elect the cannabis friendly candidates.


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