Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Revenue lost

I'm back from my trip and while slogging through my email I ran across this brief item that once again demonstrates the potential for tax relief in a legal cannabis market.

Seventeen people were arrested in what authorities are calling the largest drug bust ever seen in their area. They are charged with running an operation dealing in hydroponic cannabis that spanned both the US and Canada, and is alleged to have generated one million dollars a month for several years.

Arrests have been made in Toronto, Michigan, Mississippi, Maryland and California. Law enforcement agents say they seized $5 million in cash, 1,700 pounds of marijuana and 3,000 ecstasy tablets.

A one shot seizure of cash goes only to the prohibition enforcers, not to your public treasuries. A million dollars every month on the other hand could provide for a lot of education, health care and municipal services. Doesn't it really make more sense to allow the market to operate legally than to spend hundreds of thousands on arrests and incarcerations?


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