Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Judge busted for purchasing pot

It's like I always say, cannabis consumers are responsible citizens. Take Judge Robert King for example. He was elected five times in 26 years to sit on the bench by the good citizens of Gold Hill Oregon. He didn't get busted because he did something wrong while he was smoking cannabis, he got bagged by a snitch trying to save his own skin, who after being busted himself, set the judge up on an 3 1/2 gram buy (enough for maybe four joints). Otherwise no one would have ever known.

This is misdemeanor personal use situation not some big felony, but the prohibition profiteers are so intent on protecting their cushy little positions that they sent the informant in wearing a wire. I wonder how much that cost? Meanwhile Sheriff Mike Winters, who appears to be intent on making a big deal out this small-time case, is rerouting all his department's court cases to other courts, leaving the good judge with nothing to do. Winters claims he made this move because he felt it was "an integrity issue." What a crock.

One might ask where the Sheriff's priorities are. Where is the integrity in attempting to turn a non-criminal charge into a federal case? It seems Mr. Winters prefers the spotlight for grandstanding rather than for doing his job and going out and solving real crimes.

The good news is despite Winter's over zealous tactics, the good judge will continue to draw his salary under state law until his elected term is up. One hopes he will run again. We bet he could win by a landslide on a pro-cannabis platform. I mean how is he different, except that now, everyone knows he takes an occassional toque? He's still the same guy everyone admired before.


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