Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Putting on the hits

I don't know why I waited so long to install the Sitemeter as my hit counter but now that I finally have done it, I can now figure out to some extent where you folks are coming from and how you got here. I was surprised to find how many of you arrived by search queries -- a whole lot of you are trying to find those nude photos of Marcie Betts, the tattooed prison guard. I leave to draw your own conclusions about that.

Many of you arrive by referral from other sites though and I just want take a moment to offer a long-overdue thanks to the bloggers who have been kind enough to link to me. Pete at Drug War Rant and Jerilyn at Talk Left have been my biggest supporters since the beginning of course. I can never thank them enough for helping me get started but I didn't realize how many others of you have sent me readers.

So thanks a bunch to Jim and the rest of the Vice Squad and welcome to your many friends that regularly come to visit here. Also thanks to Mike Kantor at the Calico Cat, Jed at Freedom Sight, Annie's Annuals, Alec at Purple States, Chip Taylor, Dr. Beeper, Dratfink, Dr. Menlo at Abuddha memes, The Frank, Matthew Holt at Are You Outraged, Crescat Sententia, and Silflay Hraka and all the hosts of Carnival of the Vanities for sending readers over. Also thanks to Pardon My English for all that hate mail a couple of months ago.

I know I've missed at least a couple of more of you because I've lost the links somehow but thanks again to all of you for the mention and welcome to all your readers. I hope you all like what you see and please come back again.


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