Monday, May 24, 2004

Happy Valley

One of the things I love about the Valley in the summer is the musicians I know who travel, come home for a while. The Drunk Stuntmen are here for longer this year because they're preparing for a European tour in September. Thus it was that I had the good fortune to run into Scott twice yesterday and Alex Johnson again today. Al, who as I recall was the one who inspired the name for the band after he fell down some stairs without spilling his beer, tells me yesterday's party at Harry's (aka 11s) was fun and blurry. In Noho that translates to a good time was had by all.

The Eurotour will start in Rotterdam for several days where they will open for the Young at Heart Chorus, (a group that needs a separate post to explain), then they're off to Portugal, Poland and perhaps another country.

Local readers should catch a gig before they leave. Around here you never know when a local band will get so famous that they don't come home again. Which reminds me, I still haven't run into Chris Collingwood in a really long time.


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