Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Global Decrim sweeps the world!

Running late this morning so I'm just posting a link to this enlightening look at the "Reform Fever" that's sweeping the globe.

The war on weed is failing worldwide, and some states and countries are seeking new alternatives. Russia, Venezuela, Canada and the US state of Alaska are the latest to jump on the reform bandwagon.

The model throughout seems to be to allow possession of small amounts for personal use while increasing penalties for trafficking. Not entirely a practical solution in my mind, since someone has to provide the herb to those who can't grow their own and often these proposed measures don't even allow for cultivation so essentially decrim allows use while keeping the supply illegal.

The truth of decriminalization is that it is an absurd answer to an unsolvable problem. Governments around the world are starting to realize that the drug war cannot be won. Prohibition's only function now is to criminalize marginalized cultures and feed economies based on prison-slavery, but still our rulers don't know how to let it die gracefully.

And what to do all those who depend on the prohibition for their livelihood? Reverend Damuzi has a suggestion.

In Nebraska, based on a law against children belching in church, there could be a war on burps. In New Hampshire, based on a law against keeping time to music, there could be a war on foot tapping. In New Jersey, based on a law against men knitting during fishing season, there could be a war on homemade sweaters and socks. In Ohio, based on a law against getting fish drunk, there could be a war on boozing aquarium owners. In New York, based on a law against looking at women lustfully, there could be a war on flirting. In North Carolina, based on a law against having sex in anything but the missionary position, there could be a war on doing it "doggie style".

Sound silly to you? It is. It makes as little sense as this fruitless and unnecessary war on some drugs.


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