Monday, February 16, 2004

This has nothing at all to do with the war on some drugs but I'm posting it for its First Amendment implications and because it's kind of funny.

The town of Climax thinks town spirit belongs to adults only. Students are no longer allowed to wear town centennial tshirts to school.

Shirley Moberg, superintendent of Climax-Shelly schools, said T-shirts bearing the town's slogan "Climax -- More than just a feeling," are inappropriate because of the sexual innuendo.

...Climax, a town of 270 near the North Dakota border, adopted the "More than a feeling" slogan in 1996 for its centennial. The slogan was used in advertising and promotions, and the T-shirts have been around for years.

The new policy was recently enacted in response to a parent's complaint about a teacher wearing one to class. (I didn't know teachers were allowed to wear tshirts at all.) While I agree it is kind of creepy for a teacher to wear it around students, banning them from the school altogether hardly seems an appropriate remedy.


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