Sunday, February 15, 2004


Tad Daley, National Issues Director and Senior Policy Advisor on Dennis Kucinich's campaign staff and I seem to be on the same wavelength. He published a top ten list that expanded on the theme of electability we posted about here last Monday. It's hard to argue with his reasoning, unless you're in the Kerry camp I guess.

His points out what political leverage the progressive movement could enjoy at the convention if we send Dennis in with a strong mandate. I particularly liked his analysis of why Dennis would actually be the most electable candidate against Bush.

What was the consensus verdict after the 2002 Congressional election debacle for the Democrats? That if Democrats run like Republicans, Republicans will surely win. That the Democrats need to present voters with a clear distinction, a clear choice, and a clear alternative vision. "It's Democrats above all who need big ideas," says former Clinton and Gore pollster Stanley Greenberg, "who need to create an election that is about something." The lesson of 2002 is that the candidate with the best chance to beat George Bush will be the candidate who offers the starkest contrast to George Bush. And no one can dispute that that candidate is Dennis Kucinich.

As I said last week, supporting Dennis will not hurt the Dems in November and it will help advance the progressive ideals that need to be restored to their proper place of importance in the platform of the National Democratic Party. And I'm sure I need not remind you he is only candidate who has taken a courageous stand on drug policy reform.

Besides wouldn't it feel good to vote for an honest politician for a change?Whatever else you think of Kucinich, he has walked his talk throughout his political career.


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