Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Proof Positive

Seems like I'm always thanking Pete at Drug War Rant and as usual, when my energy is at low ebb and I'm distracted by the pleasures and pitfalls on the path, he arrives like a knight in shining armor with the ultimate defense to my critic from South Haven.

I'm afraid I deleted Ms. O's email address, but if she's reading this, all I can say is - if this does not convince you Pat Conroy is psychologically unfit to be anywhere near children, must less a school administrator, then nothing will.

According to the police report, he freely admitted planting the drugs in a particular student's locker and " repeatedly steered the K-9 team past the bank of lockers, to no avail."

I loved Smoking Gun' s take on this story. I'm giving this line the quote of the week.

FEBRUARY 23--Here's a bit of advice for high school administrators everywhere: If a drug-sniffing police dog somehow misses the pot you planted in a troublemaker's locker, just let it go.


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