Thursday, February 12, 2004


If you've been following the story with us on Ricardo Esquivia, peace worker in the Colombian Mennonite Church, the good news is all those letters we have been sending continue to make a difference.

...Luis Carlos Restrepo, the Colombian High Commissioner of Peace, ...publicly stated his faith in Esquivia and his work as an invaluable Colombian peace advocate: "Never have we seen anything like all are moving the world!" According to Bowman, efforts to prevent Esquivia's arrest are making progress and there is hope that the political costs of detaining Esquivia at this time would be too high. "It is because a scattered community joined and acted to support a member in need," says Bowman. "I would like all those who have persisted, who have 'not grown weary in doing good,' to know how their participation in this movement of the Spirit is being rewarded."

If you haven't sent a e-letter yet, please drop by the Sojo action center and lend your voice to this effort.

And while you're thinking of the Colombian's sad plight, please sign the Mama Coca petition demanding an end to the disastrous US fumigation campaign. This petition has nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with the health of an entire population and the well-being of our planetary ecosystem. The list only has 3,193 signatures at the moment and could use stronger support from US citizens.

The voice of the drug reform movement in the greater battle for human rights, can only become stronger if we help each other succeed.


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