Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Metaphysical Connection

I had lunch with my dear friend Victoria yesterday. It was great to see her. I haven't seen her in months; she looked fabulous and is involved in a new project that sounds very cool. World Unity Festival is an evolution of the Drums Around the World. I never managed to get to one, but they have been staging an annual world drum circle on the Amherst Town Common for years.

I suppose there were some Five College students at the event where this vision was first revealed.

History of the Unity Festival

In the summer of 1994 thousands of people gathered on the sorthern rim of the Grand Canyon. This inaugural World Unity Festival culminated with the birth of the White Buffalo, a triple rainbow, and Drums Around the World. This event contained participants from 25 different countries and several various religions. All shared the vision of a peaceful and spiritually united humanity.

On their tenth anniversary they are now taking the vision on a world tour and everyone is invited.

If you represent a truth or have knowledge and talents that needs presentation, please join us! Help bring our World Unity Village to your event or wherever you live and/or help create it as we tour around America and the world.

Victoria and her family are very international and have been publishing a magazine and the best resource guides to working and learning opportunities outside of the US under Transitions Abroad for over 25 years. I can't imagine a bigger stroke of luck for the Unity Festival than to have snagged her for their international coordinator. Not only does she speak three languages with impeccable fluency, she can parallel park any vehicle in one shot with only a one inch clearance on either side.

To tell you the truth, I'm a little jealous. I hear they're going to stop at Burning Man on their way out west. I've always wanted to go watch that bonfire.


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