Thursday, February 26, 2004

Little Known Facts About Well Known People

How about that, Atrios has a real name and a whole other life outside of blogging. I was cruising my own little blogiverse, trying for a moment to escape what passes for my personal life tonight when I chanced on his post.

I like Eschaton, partly because I had to look up the word. Loosely defined, it means return of the spirit and since the profile did not divulge his identity, the mystery of Atrios endures outside of the revelation he is an "educator".

It's amazing to me how many bloggers are borne on the rarefied air of academia. I'm equally astounded that Atrios managed to keep his blog a secret not only from his parents but also from his employers.

I didn't keep Last One Speaks a secret for more than ten minutes. But then again, my life has always been an open book.


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