Wednesday, February 11, 2004


I updated the template a little last night, adding a few more of my favorite blogs to the links section. When I republished, I ended up with this little pop-up gremlin and I couldn't figure out how it got there or how to get rid of it. I was about to give up for the night when Pete at Drug War Rant rescued me. He had pinpointed the problem. I still don't understand how he figured it out, even after he explained to me, but I'm sending him a big hug and a million thanks this morning. And if you live in Illinois, check out Pete's update on the medical marijuana bill pending in the legislature there.

And under the heading, why I love living in lovely downtown Noho, the police knocked on my door last night at about 10:30. I thought it was someone I knew who was fooling around. I hollered across the room three times for whoever it was to quit joking, but when I finally opened the door, it really was a cop.

Now at that hour, having a cop knock on your door is generally not a good thing however, I was pretty sure they weren't there to arrest me. My first thought was some disaster like a gas leak had occurred or that someone had died and they didn't want to tell me over the phone.

But this is why I love my local police department. It turned out he only wanted to know if I had a car parked on the street. They were about to start towing and they wanted to give the residents a chance to move their cars. Even though mine was safely in the parking lot, I thought that was so sweet, I felt like giving that young cop a hug too but I only thanked them for being so considerate.


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