Sunday, February 15, 2004

I was cleaning out the inbox this morning and finally discovered what I said that pissed off Jed Babbin. I was replying to his misguided screed in the American Spectator. I sent this letter to the editor and cc:ed it to our esteemed former under-secretary of defense.

After reading Jed Babbin's piece this morning, all I can say is at least he got this much right.

"Mr. President, your performance on Meet the Press on Sunday was simply awful."

Otherwise it's time for Mr. Babbin and all Bush apologists to admit that their guy is simply not fit to lead and his policy of pre-emptive military action has not only failed to protect us from terrorism but has ruined our previous, mostly cordial relations with the free countries of the world.

And by the way, the only reason the UN is failing Mr. Babbin, is because of the Bush administration's arrogant dismissal of the need for international consensus in making foreign policy.

I think Mr. Babbin overreacted, but it seems I did mention the UN after all. I still haven't figured out what "Dubya SGO" stands for though. If anyone knows, please email me.

UPDATE: Pete at Drug War Rant has come up with the answer to the SGO mystery.

Turns out Babbin likes to use it a lot. And he has a brief description in an earlier column:

There is a lot of SGO in the war. (SGO being the term invented by one of my ex-SEAL pals, Al Clark, for "s#@t goin' on.")

That was really bugging me and I'm so glad it's cleared up. Thanks Pete.


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