Sunday, February 22, 2004

Back Tracking

My long time readers know that although I've mastered some rudimentary html, I'm still pretty much a techno-idiot. Thus I've been wondering how this trackback thing works. Thanks to Atrios I think I sort of understand it now. I don't know how to ping exactly, but it would appear I just use the trackback URL to link to the post. Guess we'll just try it right now and see what happens.

Meanwhile, I've had a couple of requests that I install a comment function here. I haven't done it sooner because I wasn't sure people would use it and I couldn't find one that fit our $0.00 budget but thanks again to Atrios, we'll be checking out Halo-scan which appears to have a free service I can install. I'll be working on that later in the week.

Update: Well that didn't link to the actual post so I changed it and I guess I'll check the marginally helpful help menu at Blogger to see if I can figure out how to ping this thing.

Update: I can't figure it out. Waiting for a response from the Blogger help team.


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