Friday, February 20, 2004


Posting on the fly this afternoon. We're working on the appendix for an appeal brief and it's huge, so I'm just linking to a few good posts I've read lately.

Drug War Rant has an excellent post up on yet another irritating screed from our deputy drug czar, Andrea Barthwell. While you're there check out Pete's expanded coverage on the lawsuit filed against the D.C. transit system that we were talking about yesterday.

Talk Left has a great post up as well on a new alcohol test that measures your alcohol intake over a period of months.

The tests could let a GP know if someone is a light or heavy drinker and tell investigators if a driver or worker involved in an accident was drunk at the time, even if they were not tested until days later, reported the New Scientist magazine.

We also just noticed that Jeralyn has added Last One Speaks to Talk Left's blog-roll. We feel honored to be included on the site and to be on a list of such fine blogs. Two new ones (to me) that I really like are South Knox Bubba and Beautiful Horizons - which offers a gringo's perspective on Latin America among other things.

Enjoy and I'll be back later tonight.


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