Wednesday, January 21, 2004


I wasn't planning to watch the State of the Union Address anyway, I really do get physically ill when I even listen to Bush for too long. Fortunately Pete at Drug War Rant has a stronger constitution and posted a great analysis of our King of the Quagmire's remarks on drug war policy. As always, he voices nearly my exact thoughts.

Education programs like D.A.R.E. which don't work and others which insult the intelligence of kids. Treatment slots wasted on non-addicted marijuana users who are referred by schools and criminal justice, while hard drug addicts are turned away. And law enforcement that has demonstrated major corruption while leading us to being the most incarcerated country on the planet.

I find it somewhat uncanny that whenever I get bogged down in my personal quagmires, Pete posts what I wanted to say. Read the whole thing.

And while you're there, read his posts on First marijuana overdose? and The Demonized Seed. Both stories worth reading and Pete always deconstructs the spin, pro or con equally well.

And of course, I stand with Drug War Rant in continued support of Dennis Kucinich. It's still a long road to Boston and Dennis' courageous stance on cannabis has brought the issue into the national debate. Check out Pete's take on the shape of the race in New Hampshire. He also has a link to the MPP ads that are reported to be airing there.


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